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European Innovation Scoreboard 2018
The Commission's 2018 European Innovation Scoreboard published today shows that the EU's innovation performance continues to improve, but further efforts are needed to ensure Europe's global competitiveness.
ROMEO sets the first steps towards innovative technologies to reduce O&M costs in offshore wind
ROMEO will bring innovative technologies based on predictive model maintenance to reduce the O&M cost in the offshore wind energy sector. Key European companies in the sector are working together to exploit the potential of offshore and contribute to the competitiveness of Europe. Ramboll company headquarters in Copenhagen (Denmark) have recently hosted the General Assembly of ROMEO coinciding with the first year of the project.
The EU-Latin America Mineral Development Network Platform (MDNP) brings together all the relevant actors from entities and disciplines linked to the non-energy extractive industries life cycle and dependent industrial value chains in the EU and the Latin American countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.
ZABALA will evaluate and certify the project’s quality that aims to promote entrepreneurship through working with training centres and teachers.
CL-Windcon project shows developments on wind farm models during its third General Assembly Meeting hosted by CENER in Pamplona
The project is focused on a new way of approaching the design and operation of a wind farm, based on the wind farm closed loop control paradigm. Recently CENER, leader of the initiative, has hosted the CL-Windcon third General Assembly Meeting in Pamplona. ZABALA is partner of this innovative project.
REZBUILD: sustainable construction in Europe through technology and social innovation
The REZBUILD Project organized an informational workshop in Oslo on the refurbishment methodology soon to be validated in a demo building located in Bertramjordet housing cooperative. The event is framed within the participative processes carried out in the project which involve local communities, researchers, the private sector and citizens.
Key players active in the fossil fuel industry will benefit from €5m EU funding via this Horizon2020 flagship project. sCO2-FLEX will contribute to Europe’s climate change and energy transitions goals by making fossil fuel energy production more capable of supporting a smarter and more flexible energy market.
European Data Incubator (EDI): 7M€ to boost Big Data in companies
ZABALA takes part in this initiative leads by the University of Deusto and in collaboration with 20 organizations from 10 European countries.
New scaling opportunities for European researchers and innovators  IRSUS - Innovation Radar Support Services Project Launched
In the framework of Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar program of European Commission IRSUS project has been selected to bring European research and innovation to the next level.
In order to facilitate the participation of interested entities in Horizon 2020, we have prepared a complete calendar with the deadlines of the main calls, according to the work programs published by the Commission for 2018 and 2019.