“Innovation Works”: ZABALA celebrates its 30 years promoting innovation

“Innovation Works”: ZABALA celebrates its 30 years promoting innovation
The international consulting firm, gathered together in Pamplona (SP) its 200 experts from its 8 European offices on 14 January for a celebration

ZABALA Innovation Consulting started celebrating its 30 years with its motto: Innovation Works”. On 14 January ZABALA kicked-off the celebrations with gathered together its two hundred employees in a prestigious venue in Pamplona (Spain), headquarters of the company. All members from the eight offices (Pamplona, Brussels, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Vigo) were went over the three last decades.

With more than 1.500 clients, such as private enterprises, research institutions or public entities, ZABALA Innovation Consulting brings together 200 experienced consultants located internationally. ZABALA specialises in assisting clients with access to grant funding from a number of public authorities. ZABALA Brussels is the European hub to capture opportunities at European and international level for its clients.

ZABALA Innovation Consulting is the eighth company in Spain (first SME) obtaining major volume of grants of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP7) of the European Union and the first SME in Spain as per the ranking of the Spanish Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI).

As a matter of fact, ZABALA has been involved in 12 European FP7 projects, of which 4 as coordinator. During the FP7, ZABALA obtained €500 million worth of grants for its customers, representing 1% of the total Programme budget. It success rate was 34% in while the European average is 20%. In the last ten years, ZABALA has achieved €700 million grants for its clients in sectors like clean energy, energy efficiency, smart cities, ICT, biotechnology and many more.  

Long-term collaborations

ZABALA is an independent international consultancy firm (SME) founded in 1986 specializing in comprehensive consultancy services for both R&D and Innovation management. Clients range from industrial or services enterprises to regional, national and European administrations. Its mission is to make innovation the key factor of competitiveness for both companies and administrations. A multidisciplinary team of 200 professionals covers all the technical and economic fields of our clients: engineering in different disciplines, socio-economic, legal, journalism, administrative, etc. The head office is in Pamplona (Spain). It has branches in other 5 cities in Spain, Brussels and London.

ZABALA constantly works to improve the quality of life, sustainability, progress, employment and the welfare of society to help clients to develop  new products, processes and services that allow them to grow and become increasingly competitive.

In 2016, ZABALA will organise several events dedicated to innovation bringing together interested parties from the social and entrepreneurial sector. #InnovationWorks and #Zabala30 are the hashtags to follow all the updates.

Finally, ZABALA aims to grow profitably and on the long term.  To follow the needs of our clients, its activities are broadening to social innovation and strategic positioning in Europe.

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