Dominique Ristori, General Director for Energy in the European Commission, will attend ZABALA’s 30th anniversary celebrations

Save the date! Dominique Ristori, General Director for Energy in the European Commission will join our event on the 12th of April.

ZABALA Innovation Consulting is celebrating its third decade. This event will take place in Brussels. Guests range from clients to representatives of diverse institutions (personal invitation  will be needed in order to attend the event). Moreover, Dominique Ristori, General Director for Energy in the European Commission, confirmed his participation.


This audience reflects the intense European activities of ZABALA Innovation Consulting both for its clients and  its own projects,  including the ETP Smartgrids Secretariat  (Smartgrids), The EIP Market Place Smartcities Secretariat  (Market Place of the EIP on Smart Cities and Communities) and other SmartCities related projets such as Replicate, Sinfonia and Eugugle.


With more than 1,500 clients, including private enterprises, research institutions and public entities, Zabala Innovation Consulting brings together 200 experienced consultants located internationally. Zabala specialises in assisting clients with access to grant funding from a number of public authorities. One of the best successes of the firm was, and still remains as so, the European projects department, which has led to the establishment of multiple Zabala offices strategically placed across Spain, Belgium (in Brussels since 2003) and the UK (in London since 2014), as part of the firm’s drive towards internationalisation. Zabala now assists many international corporations in the preparation and management of their R&D+I strategies, together with assisting corporations towards  their needs, and help them broaden  their activities where needed. Thus,  works in social innovation area have been carried out, helping clients  reach a strategic positioning in Europe.

Concretely, ZABALA managed to be involved in 12 European FP7 projects or activities, leading 4 of them.  During the Seventh Framework Programme, ZABALA obtained €500 million grants for its customers, not only representing the 1% of the total Programme budget, but also corresponding to a 34% success rate in terms of project approvals, against the European average which is set at 20%. In the last ten years, ZABALA has achieved €700 million grants for its clients in sectors like clean energy, energy efficiency, smart cities, ICT, biotechnology and  so on and so forth.


#InnovationWorks and #Zabala30 are the hashtags to follow all the updates.




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