Finodex startup companies lead the IoT revolution

According to the IoT Journal, the IoT gateway is in for a good update. EVRYTHNG is providing a new type of gateway the connects different protocols from different devices.

Indeed, this is good and relevant news for the Finodex startup companies. Some Finodex startup projects like DADAFI [2] provide a specialized gateway, which underscores the importance of this market. For instance, the gateway from DADAFI is a so-called smart gateway, because it can use semantic and linked data described with domain-specific ontologies.

In a previous news article we noted:

From the coaching sessions, we can see that the use of QR codes is valuable. Furthermore, some of the Finodex companies use low-energy Bluetooth as an identifier, which is innovative. Another insight is to use a unique ID (URL) for each QR code. In the architecture side, it seems like a meta search backend is sometimes more valuable than a visual frontend. This underscores the value-adding business case for many of the Finodex startup companies.

These kinds of 1st generation IoT technologies continue to work well. Despite challenges with general full vendor support for the popular NFC technology [3], at least one of the Finodex projects “Lucy” [4] have managed to create a convincing app using low-energy Bluetooth (BLE). The advantage of their solution is the active identity beacon periodically emitted from the neckband of a (missing) dog. Lucy is simply speaking putting IoT technology to work for solving real problems.

On another note, a different trend is showing up in the IoT arena. It is related to Fitness trackers, which are used more things than just displaying fitness [5]. We already saw this trend emerge in Finodex by the SAPIN project so it will be great to see how this continue to evolve.



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