Great figures in Finodex first call !

The analysis in the first full process of acceleration finished in January 2016 has been published.

The following document summarises the whole process followed by the accelerator from March 2015. The main achievements by the accelerated companies have been:


  • Income: at the beginning of the acceleration the income of the top-10 companies (March 2015) accounted for a global sum of 16.000€. At the end of the acceleration income reached 206.000€ (November 2015). That is an increase of a 1200% in 9 months. Companies’ own projections for November 2016 are over 4 million.
  • Jobs: the number of jobs in the top-10 companies at the beginning of the acceleration was 26. By the end of the acceleration it was 42. That is an increase in jobs of over a 160% in 9 months. Projections for November 2016 indicate they expect 67 full-time employees.
  • Income per employee is growing exponentially since the beginning of the acceleration in the top-10 companies from an average of 601.50€/emp. in March 2015 to 4,959.69€/emp. in November 2015.
  • Users (B2C market): The top-10 companies started with 5000 users for their products in total. This amount reached 9000 by the end of the acceleration, meaning an increase of users of an 80%.
  • Paying customers (B2B market): The top-10 companies rose from 6 customers at the beginning of the acceleration to 57 by the end.
  • Creation of SMEs: Three of the projects which started their participation as a group of individuals did register new SMEs in the UK, Spain and Portugal.
  • Additional public funds: Two of the top-3 companies (Geezar and Xpressomics) in the open call have been awarded with a SME-Instrument phase 1 award raising an additional amount of €50,000 each.



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