Innovative Europe? Time for a new EU innovation strategy

ZABALA sponsorships the next conference: “Time for a new EU innovation strategy” organized by Science Business, which will have place the next 5th of June in Brussels

As we already know, the European Commission is working on the development of the Horizon Europe, the Ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (R&I) that will follow Horizon 2020 and for that reason, this conference is being organised. This conference debates the policies and programmes Europe will have to follow for long-term prosperity, in all the sectors: societal challenges, industrial leadership, Euratom, excellent Science, FET, Science with and for Society, among others.

If you are interested in the conference you can find the Agenda in here. Speakers will discuss the subjects of: Research and innovation in the new EU Budget, financing innovation, Research synergies in Brussels, the UN’s development goals, and who needs industry in the next Framework Programme, among others. Besides at 11.30 will start the workshops focus in developing conclusions to speed innovation across the economy. The panel is made up by experts across all the sectors. 

Registration only here.

About Science Business

Science business organises a variety of events from full conference to private sessions. Some of them are open to the public, and the other ones are directed to the members of his Network only. They run their own events and besides Science Business organised also bespoke events for clients. However, all of them have something in common: it combines expert knowledge with bringing together the people who really matter in industry, research and policy, as speakers and as audience.

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