New project to promote cooperation in the extractive industries sector between the EU and Latin America

New project to promote cooperation in the extractive industries between the EU and Latin America
ZABALA expands its international activities by taking part in the EUROPEAID programme of the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission (DG DEVCO).

ZABALA Innovation Consulting is collaborating with three other international organizations from Germany and Belgium (Projekt-Consult GmbH, DMT GmbH & Co. KG and Euromines AISBL) to develop a new digital networking platform to promote cooperation within the extractive industry sector between the European Union and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay). The contract has been awarded to ZABALA and its partners following an international public procurement process spearheaded by DG DEVCO's EUROPEAID program. With a foreseen budget of 1.5 million euros the project will last 18 months.

The platform seeks to foster ongoing cooperation between the EU and Latin American entities including authorities, industry, businesses (including SMEs), academia and other organizations for the non-energy extractive industries. This cooperation will cover the areas of technology, consulting services, infrastructure, investment, trade, training, health and safety, good governance, as well as other relevant areas of the extractive industry value chain (from exploration to mining, rehabilitation and post-closure).

To this end, the project includes several actions such as a study on extractive sector technologies, as well as a review of related services in each of the target countries and the different financing instruments available. It also foresees the development of a digital trilingual platform (in English, Portuguese and Spanish) and the organization of a convention and trade fair for all key players involved. This event will include thematic workshops on, among others, good governance, planning, investment, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), technology and commerce.

As a member of the consortium, ZABALA is leading the development of the project´s digital networking platform. This contract award reinforces the previous work carried out by ZABALA in the development and management of similar platforms such as the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) of SPIRE and the network platform for eco-innovation projects of the European project INNEON.

ZABALA in European international tenders

The achievement of this contract allows ZABALA to reinforce its international commitment through the international tenders of the EUROPEAID programme and thanks to this international public contract will help it to increase its presence in Latin America.

ZABALA has an area dedicated to giving exclusive service to its customers in European international tenders, helping the entities to identify, present and prepare the offers to the different European entities (Cooperation programs, EUROPEAID, DGs, Parliament, Agencies, Institutes, etc.).

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