SLIM European project, good practice in the Mining sector

SLIM European project, good practice in the Mining sector
The mining sector of Andalusia (Spain) analyses the possibilities of financing R&D and Innovation through European Funds

Professionals of the mining-metallurgical industry and the Public Administration of the European region of Andalusia have debated the strategic role of innovation in the present and future of the mining sector in a new edition of the Aminer Forum, held recently in Huelva, under the title 'Promotion of R&D and innovation in mining”. The event was organized by: the Association of Companies Researchers, Extractors, Mining-Metallurgical Transformer, Auxiliary and Services, Aminer, with the support of companies Suez and ZABALA Innovation Consulting (member of the consortium of the SLIM European project).

The Aminer Forum is a periodic initiative organized by the association that represents the main entities related to metal mining in Andalusia. Its objective is to  monitor the evolution of the metal mining industry,  and discuss current  events and issues  through the experience of the professionals related to this industry. The session held was of special interest as it has been possible to analyse the opportunities for financing mining R&D and Innovation through different European programmes.

After the initial presentation, a roundtable discussion was held focusing on 'Innovation applied to mining' and an exhibition on the future of R&D and Innovation in mining, in which ZABALA Innovation Consulting presented the paper "Beyond Horizon2020: Opportunities for mining within the European R&D funding framework ". The SLIM project was taken as an example of good practice, as it includes actions of Social Innovation, a novel and important aspect that distinguishes SLIM from other projects in the sector. The event also included exhibitions on Andalusian mining projects which highlighted the challenges to be addressed by this European region.

With the new edition of the Aminer Forum, the Association of Companies Researchers, Extractors, Mining-Metallurgical, Auxiliary and Services Transformers wanted to emphasise the need to establish Innovation as a fundamental element of mining activity, which, on the other hand, is already present in important partner projects , such as the Poly Metallurgical Refinery (PRM) of Cobre Las Cruces in Seville

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