ZABALA awarded at the European Parliament with the prize for 'promoting the image of Europe in the world'

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, has opened the commemorative event of the three decades of Spain in the EU. Institutions and entities that have worked most for the development of the EU, including ZABALA Innovation Consulting, have been awarded.

The event, organised by 'Aquí Europa' (Brussels-based information service specialized in the EU news related to Spain), wanted to recognise the entities that have worked in order to build a more united, integrated and developed EU.

The Jury in charge of selecting the winners of the different categories has been presided over by Ramón Luis Valcárcel, vice-president of the European Parliament, who has remembered the Europeanist feeling in Spain.

In addition, the Jury was composed by Juana Lahousse-Juárez, Communication Director General of the European Parliament, Ramón Jáuregui, MEP and President of the EuroLatino-American Parliamentary Assembly, Carlos Appelgren, Chile's ex-Ambassador to the EU, Nicolás Pascual de la Parte, Ambassador COPS of Spain, and Marta Marín, delegate of Euskadi in Brussels.

Zabala Innovation Consulting, represented by Ainhoa ​​Zabala, director of HR, has received the ‘Spanish SME that has promoted the image of Europe in the world’ award. For 30 years, ZABALA has been the Spanish SME with more presence in Brussels. Telefonica, considered the most important telecommunications company in Europe and the fifth in the world, has also been recognised by the jury in the category 'Spanish company that has promoted the image of Europe in the world' .

The prize for the 'Spanish Communicator for his trajectory in favor of the European construction' has fallen to Jaume Duch, spokesman for the European Parliament and director of the Media. This Catalan landed in the European Parliament coinciding with the accession of Spain to the EU and has since been linked to the institution.

For the category 'Personality that has contributed to the construction of the Latin American-European Union relationship', Ricardo Lagos, former President of the Republic of Chile, was the recipient. He held his position between 2000 and 2006 and under his mandate signed the free trade agreement between Chile and the European Union.

As for the 'Spanish Personality that has helped the European construction', the prize has multiplied to be divided among all Spanish ex Commissioners. Abel Matutes, Marcelino Oreja, Manuel Marín, Pedro Solbes, Joaquín Almunia, Loyola de Palacio, represented by Ana Palacio, and Javier Solana, as the first High Representative for Foreign Policy and Common Security, are honored for their contribution. Field, to the community project.

‘Aquí Europa’ is the only specialised information service in the European Union made entirely in Spanish from Brussels. With 25 years of experience behind it, it reports in real time on European news, emphasizing the relationship of the EU with Latin America.

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