ZABALA Innovation Consulting establishes its eleventh office in Colombia

In broadening its international horizons, the consultancy reaches the American continent with a new office in Bogota. The Colombian capital is seen as a growing hub for Social Innovation services that are part of the company's Strategic Plan.

"It is important that our horizon does not get stuck in the Mare Nostrum, but that it includes all markets of this global world in which we move. We have to be there where our clients need us and, today more than ever, South America is capturing enormous opportunities in terms of Innovation in general and Social Innovation in particular. " said José Mª Zabala, CEO of ZABALA Innovation Consulting, when announcing the opening of the company in Bogotá, Colombia.

With the tenth office inaugurated in Bilbao a month ago, the Navarra consultancy continues steadily in its strategy of placing itself in the cities and markets with great innovative potential, and that currently centre their policies on the pulse of the innovation. Thus, the new offices in Bogotá and Bilbao (2017), are added to those of Paris (2016), London (2015), Vigo and Valencia (2010), Seville (2009), Barcelona (2007) and Brussels (2003). The head office has been in Pamplona since 1986, meaning ZABALA has over three decades experience of running projects in Europe, placing innovation in the competitiveness axis of many companies, public administrations, technology centers and universities. It has helped them develop new products, as well as innovative processes and services that allow organizations to grow and become increasingly competitive at national and international levels.



To manage the new challenge, the company has opted for Ana Narváez, a person with great experience in this Latin American country working for Spanish organizations dedicated to the financing of R & D & I. She has a degree in Journalism and Philosophy from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Master's in International Relations from the Escuela Diplomatica. Ana Narváez is specialized in Development Cooperation and has collaborated with the Free University of Brussels, the University of Ottawa and the University of São Paulo. This multidisciplinary trajectory and training will be of great value in ZABALA's international strategy for Latin America.



Social Innovation is becoming increasingly important in the business world, as it is an effective tool for improving competitiveness and responding to the economic, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century world. This is why, in 2016, ZABALA incorporated this new area into its structure and also boosted its team of more than 200 professionals with experts in this field.

As a result of this strategic positioning, the ZABALA office in Bogotá is now open. In the words of Mikel Berraondo, director of the Department of Social Innovation for ZABALA, the ultimate goal is for organizations to access funding for innovative projects that provide solutions to social problems.


New ZABALA Innovation Consulting office in Bogotá

Carrera 9A Nº 99-07, Of. 901

Torre La Equidad

 Bogotá D.C. | Colombia

T +57 304 413 23 90

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