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Newsletter November 2018

LIFE programme 2018: 70% of project proposals submitted by Zabala pass to Full Proposal stage

The European Commission has informed the applicants about the results of the LIFE Programme call for traditional projects under the Environment sub-programme of 2018 revealing a European estimated approval average of 27%. At ZABALA, this figure stands at 70%.

Digital transformation, entrepreneurship and new calls for Horizon 2020 in ICT 2018

ZABALA to participate in ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe (Vienna 4-6 December), collaborating with the EC in the organization of the Innovation Radar Prize and launching a new call for innovators with the IRSUS project. The European Data Incubator (EDI) has launched another open call to seek for data providers.

Urban Innovative Actions (UIA): size doesn’t matter – smartness is the key

Zabala presents an analysis of the first three UIA calls and tips for the recently open 4th call - deadline 31st January.

EU Prize for Women Innovators 2019

This prize recognises women entrepreneurs who have developed and brought to market an outstanding innovation. How to apply, news about the contest and full details of previous years’ results.

Clean Sky launches 9th call for proposals

The 9th Call for Proposals (CfP09) was launched on 6 November 2018 via the European Commission’s H2020 Participant Portal. The closing date is 6 February 2019.