People, our main asset

People, our main asset

Innovation culture has no sense without the human factor and talent. Thus, ZABALA has created a frame of communication, liberty and responsibility enabling our staff, of more than 300 professionals, to work with confidence, integrity, cooperation and commitment

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The human factor

The human factor is also part of our innovative cosmos. Being conscious of it, ZABALA is a socially committed company following the InnovaRSE methodology recognised and encouraged by the Government of Navarra

Our active engagement with the Social Entrepreneurial Responsibility is focused on social collectives working with people at risk of social exclusion, promoting the values such as sustainable development, support to underprivileged, and also the sport.

Our staff proposes and elect united projects to receive our collaboration, and because of it, along 2015 we have collaborated with Fundación Atena, Foro de Salud Mental, ANFAS, Asociación Navarra de Autismo, Menudos Corazones, Asociación Navarra para el Tratamiento y el Estudio del Déficit de Atención, Huertas Amigas, Fundación Xilema, Fundación Ilundain or Fundación Navarra amongst others.

The essential value of our staff

The essential value of our staff

Our professionals are our main asset when fostering and supporting the innovation of our clients to enhance their competitiveness: take care of them is a must. Zabala is committed to personal and family conciliation, we invest in continuous training to enhance skills and we do our best to keep and create quality and stable employment.

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