The toolkit for Bioeconomy research exploitation

ProBIO (Professional Support to the uptake of Bioeconomy RD results towards market, further research and policy for a more competitive European Bioeconomy) screens Bioeconomy projects' results and classifies them according to their nature, progress and market proximity. Whilst some of them will be mature enough for market uptake, others may require further development to reach a higher Technological Readiness Level (TRL), and others may be of specific relevance to policy makers. ProBIO experts, amongst whom Zabala is a partner, analyse the different nature and maturity levels of research results and support project participants with dedicated professional coaching and tools which aim to accelerate market adoption, facilitate the flow of knowledge into new R&D projects and feed policy-relevant results into the political process.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 652683


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The Challenge: 

ProBIO (Professional Support to the uptake of Bioeconomy RD results towards market, further research and policy for a more competitive European Bioeconomy) has two main objectives: to support the flow of knowledge-based Bioeconomy project results from research to market, as well as back to RD&I; and to foster the networking and knowledge exchange among different European initiatives under H2020 and FP7 and the most important players in the field, thus raising awareness among policy makers and engaging the general public.

The European Commission published its strategy concerning Bioeconomy in 2012: major investment in RD+I, joint policies and support to this market is essential. In that respect, ProBIO has been established as a support action for Knowledge Based Bioeconomy projects which identifies Bioeconomy research results to facilitate their uptake into the relevant sector. From that perspective, Europe 2020, the EU's growth strategy for the coming decade, endorses “a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy”.

Bioeconomy sales revenue in Europe is estimated to be €2 billion.  This sector represents 22 million direct workers. The European Union is aware of the importance of investment networks to foster the growth of this sector. The target is that one euro invested in RD+I by the European Union in Bioceconomy shall correspond to a return of ten euros by 2025.

Paula Hafner
"The Project success is based on the screening of Bioeconomy projects. ProBIO is the toolkit for Bioeconomy research exploitation ".
Paula Hafner
RD+I Consultant and coordinator of ProBIO Project From Zabala