Management of an R&D project

Our mission is to help the clients increase their competitiveness and maximize financing for your activities and investments by minimizing dedication on your part. ZABALA Innovation Consulting guides you to solve problems related to R + D + I and achieve the commercial success of the projects.

Five professionals from the sector participated yesterday in the event "Efficient buildings and houses: partnering for the SDGs and the EU Green Deal" organized by REZBUILD project
HYDROPOWER EUROPE invited experts from the hydropower industry to participate in the Second Expert Panel Consultation to help define a common Research and Innovation Agenda and Strategic Industry Roadmap.
The European Commission presented the EU Circular Economy Action Plan which is driven by the ambition to make sustainable products that last and to modernise and transform the European economy while protecting the environment.
Consortium meeting
An H2020 project about circular business models for the European solar power industry enters a new phase engaging the demo sites across Europe.
The partners of the European initiative, focused on the development of an innovative renovation ecosystem for Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB), organised a participatory workshop with local communities at the demo site of Martellago (Italy), advancing participatory and public acceptance processes.
ROMEO and ZABALA at the Wind Europe Offshore Conference in Copenhagen
ROMEO, the flagship initiative devoted to offshore wind farm optimization, of which ZABALA is partner, presented its work and hosted two workshops at the Wind Europe Conference on 26th - 28th of November in the Danish capital.
Europe is a continent of cities, with more than 70% of the population living in urban areas, facing today challenges for environmental, social and economic sustainability. Have you positioned your project for these challenges?
Refurbishment and NZEB sector: The REZBUILD consortium meets on the first anniversary of the project
The partners of the European project REZBUILD have gathered recently at the facilities of PLACO Saint-Gobain in Madrid sharing the progresses made during the first 12 months